***2019 winter couples Special. $20.19 per couple. Up to 3 couple per mission!***

Frequently Asked Questions


Am I actually locked in?

No. The door you enter through will remain unlocked in case you need to exit.

Are escape rooms scary?

No. Our room is designed to be challenging and suspenseful. There are no live actors or things that will scare you. 

How much does it cost?

Because we are mobile and cater to your specific event, we price each private booking based on several factors. 

Can I take pictures?

You are more than welcomed to snap pics inside our office and the exterior of our trailer. Pictures inside the room is prohibited. 

Can all ages participate?

All participants require a waiver to play. However those under 18 will require a separate parental consent form.

How long does it last?

We can configure our room to be a 30 minute escape or a 60 minute escape. It is up to you  when doing a private booking.